Sunday, January 29, 2012

An owl cable hat, and some excuses relating to curtains.

The little owl hat is done.

A small project, but hey, some weeks are busier than others.  This coming week friends will be staying with us for a couple of nights; the weekend after that, we are celebrating Jean's birthday.  And today we had friends over for lunch after church. This is not remotely typical for us.

The moment you know that people will look at your house, you suddenly realize that some windows do not have curtains yet (!?), and that it may have been longer than usual since anyone cleaned in great detail.  Thus, we spent the whole Saturday cleaning, and throwing away everything that we have not used since we moved into this house in May 2010.  (i.e. the boxes of stuff we moved from the previous house, put in the garage to sort out later and never touched again.) Then I went to Target to get curtains and rails.  I found some, but some windows will still have to go without, since it was late and my brain gets stuck when I have to choose curtains.

(We built a house once, could not decide what to do about window treatments, and the neighbors actually came over to ask if we wanted some of their old curtains...  eh...Embarrassing. We were not walking around naked or anything, though, just to be clear.  They just thought we might need curtains. Which we did, but we would rather go without, if we could not have the Perfect Ones.)

So I will have to let go of this obsession to find the perfect window treatments, and also forget about sewing all of them, and just go get some that are good enough. Next week.

In the mean time I love that little hat, it turned out even better than I thought it would.  It is really a pity that it is never cold enough to wear a hat here. This week I will move on to table cloths and garlands, in preparation for The Party.

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  1. it's really lovely emma, i like the owl cable. and have you finished the sweater as well? enjoy your visitors!