Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a tuque (it rhymes with fluke)

I love knitting little hats, and even though temperatures will be in the 70's all week, and we have no guarantees that winter will return this year, I wanted to knit this owl cable hat for a friend's sweet baby boy. Knitting cable is not that hard but impresses people who do not knit.  I love this quote from  a tongue-in-the-cheek timeline in Mason Dixon Knitting:

"1896: Siobahn Ogwnngyfleioghnn knits so poorly that she accidentally discovers the cable stitch"  While holding five double pointed needles and a cable needle, I can totally see how that happened!

Anyway, since Jean's sweater is in the endless knitting in the round phase, I enjoy doing little projects in-between to keep it interesting.

As for the book, I found it at Costco, looking for activity books to keep the twins occupied while I help the older kids. It was just what I needed and have been looking for since we came.  Lisa Fain lives in New York  but grew up in Texas, and misses Texas. This may sound cruel, but during our first summer here, in 2009, when it did not rain for three months and temperatures stayed over a hundred for 70 days in a row, I thought - can anyone love this place?  Would we ever grow to love it? And why oh why is all the food spicy?   Lisa Fain writes with such tenderness about her home state, she almost had me in tears. (I was sitting next to the pool again, so I restrained myself.)  She makes me want to try the recipes with names that I will never be able to pronounce, and travel a bit more in this strange place that is so much harsher than what I am used to.
I also found 3 Kumon books for $12.99.

I am linking to Ginny's yarn along again; I just love seeing what happens all over the world.


  1. Love the post title. You can never have too many hats and the one your are knitting is lovely :)

    1. Thanks :) I finished it just now. It is like eating candy - just one more row, then I'll sleep...

  2. love the baby owl hat, it's a pretty pattern to knit. texas is a long way from s.a. perhaps you can take a trip to california. where i live is reminicent of south africa somewhat. my friends dad (who lived in cape town) used to take trips here and out to our channel islands, he said it reminded him of home.

    love your winnie the pooh quote!

    1. Thanks Lori, California is definitely high up on our list. We have s.a. friends in Mission Viejo, they say the same, and claim your winters are even better than Pretoria's winters! (have to see that to believe it...)