Why does he wear shades?

Here he wears his contact lenses.
He has achromatopsia.

In essence:
  1. He was born this way;
  2. It is an inherited condition;
  3. It will not get better or worse.
The main symptoms are:
  1. Complete colorblindness;
  2. Extreme light sensitivity;
  3. Poor visual acuity:  In perfect light, about 10 - 20% vision.  Outside, without dark lenses, he is blind.  He cannot find his glasses when they drop at his feet.
We have a 25% chance, each pregnancy, to have a child with Achromatopsia.

Apart from that, he is just a boy.  He loves drawing - in grey.  He loves riding his bike.  He can read text. (I use the iPad to magnify text). 

After 8 years, I can assure you, that Achromatopsia is not the end of the world.  And we do not mind at all if people tell him he looks so cool. Because everyone does. And doesn't he look cool?

These are his lighter, indoor glasses.

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  1. yes, he does. he's gorgeous. i love grey, i bet his drawings are lovely.