Saturday, January 21, 2012

A baby dress

An open back baby dress.  This was easy to make, I finished on Friday after working only here and there for about 30 minutes at a time.  It is fully reversible, and allows for another easy project, a ruffled diaper cover.  Or maybe just a plain one, the fabric is quite busy enough as it is.

I would love to make this pattern again; as with everything, the second time will be much easier.  No seam ripping this time, though, the pattern by tiedyediva  was an excellent tutorial, I love her patterns and have made several of them.

I find that I do complete more projects, and therefore have fewer works-in-progress, now that I have a self imposed deadline.  It is much easier to store and organize finished objects, for sure. I fear that I will not attempt any big ones, since I want to complete one every week.  But if I complete little ones every week, and start big ones every three weeks or so and keep on working on them along with the little ones, I will probably do fine. Unless I crash and burn, of course.  But until then, I'll do fine.

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