Saturday, January 7, 2012

A New Year - 52 projects

Just one project a week.

I will post once a week, and in that one post feature one project that I completed that week.  A "project" will be something I have sewn, or knitted, or maybe mod podged.  Now and then it may be a birthday cake. I thought about making a list of rules, but decided against it.

I just want to keep a record of what I do, and I want to complete what I started. And I want to share it, especially with my family and friends that are far, and who do not know me like this.

It started off well:  I usually start with summer dresses close to fall, but this year I am prepared - her first spring dress is ready: Tah dah!

The pattern is from a book I found on amazon, Girl's World.  I think I will make all three dresses in the book, this pattern was so well written.  It involved some finishing using bias binding around the neckline and armholes that was surprisingly easy, a lot of gathering, and making a sash. And a bit of elastic that is too hard to explain without diagrams, but it gathers the skirt part even more, and makes it easier to pull the dress over your head.

(The background also tells a story - it was a dry summer, most of the lawn, or rather, grassy meadow died, but some rain during the past weeks revived the weeds.)

Next week, a shirt for one of the boys.  I will also cast on Jean's henley sweater.  Our church sanctuary is so cold in summer that I do not have to hurry, he will use it all year long.

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