Saturday, January 14, 2012

A camp shirt

A shirt for one of the boys.  I know, it almost looks store bought, doesn't it? And while that would have been a compliment when I was young, say, 25 years ago, now we want our handmade clothes to look handmade, don't we? 

But it has the right feel - I wanted to recreate the shirts that boys wore to school when I was in Primary School (grades 1 through 7). Seeing all the facebook photos this week of little children of friends and relatives going back to school for a new school year this week in South Africa made me feel quite nostalgic. I love school uniforms.  (Maybe I should consider uniforms for our schooldays? It was so good to take that hot, unyielding dress off in the afternoon after school... But then I would have to cut his hair short too.)

I promise that this was taken today - Texas has intermittent winters, today we had the day off.

The pattern is from Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders.  Now that I know how to make it, it seems easy, but I had to rip seams twice: first I made the sleeves into a collar, and then I attached the facing upside down.  The sleeves were my fault, they were clearly marked "sleeves".  The facing assumed some prior knowledge, they could have explained a bit better.  Luckily there was more than enough fabric in a yard to cut another set of sleeves.

I think it is a great book for ideas, there are several patterns I will make, only next time I will go slower.  I have a different shirt pattern from oliver+s, that seems to be much more involved, but now that I have made this shirt, I will attempt it.

Jacques mentioned that the stripes made it look like pajamas.  True.  Made out of flannel these would make great pajamas.

For next week:  A friend had a "gender reveal" party today - this is where an expecting couple get to know if they will have a girl or boy by taking a slip of paper from the doctor to the baker, and then cutting the cake (baked with blue or pink batter) when they have friends and family around them. And it is going to be... a girl!  So I think I should be sewing a little itty-bitty dress for a baby girl's first Texas summer.

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