Tuesday, January 10, 2012

like, "a grey sweater"

I am joining Ginny for the first time for a yarn along - I have been following since the beginning, and have been inspired to knit things I never thought I would.  This is just a grey henley pullover for Jean, to wear to church.  I love knitting in the round - here I am about to join. 

I knit most of this during:
  1. choir practice;
  2. swimming lessons; and
  3. math.
I looked to the left of me at the pool today, and the other moms, who were not chasing littler ones, were busy on their smartphones.  My phone is a disposable, since I cannot keep track of things like phones and often forget them on the roof of my car. Therefore, I knit.  (I also met an interesting man from Iowa, who has been living in Austin since 1972.  I had to explain again that I am not Dutch South African, I am Afrikaans. And that it really isn't just nitpicking to say that. Afrikaans is a real language, with its own literature, poetry and everything.)

I am not really reading that book, yet.  It is Jacques' book for his book club this month.  Canticle is not really a short, easy word, now is it.  But I did buy the audible book, and will give it chance.


  1. Knitting is so much more fun than playing on a smartphone (I do both, so I feel qualified to make this statement!) - and much more productive ;) Love the grey yarn.

  2. Welcome to Yarn Along. So glad you joined in this week.

  3. beautiful yarn and project! Happy knitting!!

  4. I don't do the smart phone either, I would much rather keep up with knitting! Have fun!

  5. Happy to see a new yarn alonger!! I use my smart phone to keep track of what line I am on in a crochet or knitting pattern : ) I also take pictures of the pattern I am working on and take it with me. Thanks for sharing, Tricia, CrunchyCatholicMomma.blogspot

  6. This is my first time visiting your blog but I'm subscribing! I just visited Austin for the first time last month and I've always wanted to visit South Africa. I'm really looking forward to hearing more about your experience adapting to Texas!

  7. Are there really still people who don't know that Dutch and Afrikaans are two different languages? Wow! *the linguist has to blink several times to let this information process*
    The Beauty of Eclecticism