Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday preparations

My little boy is 8 today.   Happy birthday Jean!

In other news, we are slightly overextended...

The last weekend was spent visiting till 3am every night with friends who we saw a very long time ago, and will, in all likelihood, not see again for a couple of years.  Good friends remain friends, and we loved picking up where we left off.  It left me wiped out, and I could not think about writing.  But I did keep on sewing:  66 flags onto 22 yards of handmade bias binding.  The garlands are beautiful, I will use them in the rooms once the party is over.

The cakes turned out pretty amazing too!  I am almost afraid to decorate them, they are so pretty.  I am planning a big racetrack with at least 24 car shaped cakes. Ten down, fourteen to go - but the party is only Saturday afternoon, so I am actually ahead of schedule.

Even though the picture of the garland is a bit iffy, it counts as last Saturday's "project".  Just for those who are counting. 

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