Saturday, February 11, 2012


The first full blown birthday party in America! Well, not the first, but the first for us.  I was off to a good start, and I really thought that I would not have to stay up till 3am to finish the cake this time, but I was wrong. 

The garland, in the big old oak tree.

I changed my mind midstream, since the little cars were too hard to decorate.  So I stayed up, again, to bake and decorate the new cake.  I love it.  Jean loved it too, but he is already planning next year's dinosaur party.  It is becoming easier and easier to decorate, this cake took only about an hour, and if I had the icing ready made it would have been a lot faster.

The table under the big old oak tree.  Those are fabric napkins that I cut, and zigzagged.

Three years ago, we asked almost complete strangers to come and celebrate with us.  Those strangers have become dear, close friends.  Then we had only 6 guests, this time there were roughly 16 children and 8 adults. 

The birthday boy.

The kids played several racing games and devoured the cake in under 10 minutes.  I prepared chili the night before, we baked a corn bread (I was not really involved, my guests did) while the children played, and we all had an early dinner together.  It was great.

I miss being home, and I miss the people we shared birthdays with very deeply, but somehow that stands apart from the life we live every day.  I cannot wait to spend time with them again, and I know that we will.  The grandmothers will both be here for Melva's birthday!  And if we manage to save enough, we will visit in December.

But today was perfect.

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