Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some progress

Now would you look at that!  I managed to put the button onto my blog, thanks to Lori's advice to Emma in the French Alps.  I really like these people who yarn along.  Not that I really know them, I know.  But still, I have reason to believe they are pretty neat in real life too.

Now, about the henley... No, not done yet.  But I have something to show:

The first sleeve is done!  I actually like it.  Coming home from watching "The Secret World of Arrietty", I felt inspired to make something pretty, and it felt very good to sit down and work out the color patterns for this sleeve.

I am still reading A Canticle for Leibowitz and enjoying it.  The problem is, I do too many things at once, and therefore I do not finish enough of them.  I am also reading  "Free Range Kids" -  I feel vindicated while I read it.  But it is a bit like politics and church denominations: I think if you agree you agree, if you do not, nothing will convince you.

That is all for tonight, I am late with my yarn along post as it is and the grandmothers are both coming to visit in 20 days!  Which means I have to go to bed right now so that I will be fresh tomorrow, to start the cleaning.


  1. Love your progress on the jumper! The grey offsets the colours nicely :)

  2. emma it's beautiful, i love the stripes. i forgot i wanted to share something with you regarding stripes:

    it's fun and interesting, but i can see you don't need any help. yay for getting the button, i'm so glad i made sense. i've met several bloggers in real life and everytime, it was as if we'd already met, and they were just like they were on their blogs. so i know i'd like you very much.

    p.s. did you like 'the secret world of ariette'?
    p.p.s. understanding exposure is a good book.

  3. Bravo! you got the button! I'm going to try and get it on my next yarn along post! wish me luck!
    Sweater is going to be awesome!

    1. Hurray indeed! I am going to try to get it right again, there are no guarantees that it will work a second time... Good luck to you!