Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pajama pants and pets

I  originally intended to post on a Saturday about the weekly finished project, but now I think Sunday nights are perfect for that.  Sunday nights are really perfect for phoning your mother or sister, but if it is 9 pm here, it is 5 am there... and I don't think anyone wants to start their week with a phone call at 5 am.  No matter how much they love me.

This week I made Melva pajama pants.  It is not the best picture to demonstrate my sewing expertise, I know. But you get the idea - knee length flannel shorts, made using this pattern.  I loved the print, and it was on sale for $2.50/yard at JoAnn's.  Not that I am frugal or pinching pennies or anything like that.

(I also convinced her to cut her hair a bit shorter, a project in itself, and we are both very happy with the result.)

That is such a typical facial expression for our cat.  He is actually a big softie, and despite his apparent dismay at being touched he loves the children and regularly sleeps in their beds. I love him.  If he has water but wants milk, he will attack anyone who passes his bowl from under the kitchen table.  He scratches the door, pretending that he needs to go out but when you get up he runs to his food bowl and looks starved. And he is just a domestic tabby, but he is beautiful.  His name is Patrys (Afrikaans for partridge, named so that the twins can practice rolling their r's), but we all call him Cleo, because a small part of us cannot seem to remember that she stayed home with family when we moved here...

Have a lovely week, friends (and family.  Okay, so maybe only my family will actually read this. In that case, why am I speaking English?  And why are we whispering??)  Oh, and the stripey sleeved henley is almost done, cannot wait to show you on Wednesday!


  1. you are funny emma, i'm reading! i can't wait to see your finished sweater. the jammy bottoms are cute, my kids loved to wear those too.
    your daughter is so pretty, her hair looks good, how much did she cut?

    1. You are amazing Lori, I see you in so many places nowadays (now that I hang with the yarn along crowd, you know ;) She cut almost 5 inches - I did the first 2, and then she was willing to let the hairdresser do the next 3...