Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What day is it again?

I had a crazy day.  We woke up, got breakfast ready, called Jacques, and gave him his present, sang to him, the whole deal.
Later the day, I made him eggs and bacon for lunch, and told him to go phone his mother, because she cannot get hold of him easily, and one should phone your mother on your birthday.  I was just sticking the birthday cake in the oven, when he came in from his office (at home), and called us all together to tell us:  that it was not his birthday.  Tomorrow is his birthday.  We had the date wrong, his mother just told him that.  As in, we thought that it was the 7th, and it was actually 6th.  That was very funny, I am still blushing, but at least he got it wrong too, and he has a job where you kinda need to know the date, whereas I am just a stay-at-home mom, you know. Does it surprise anyone that we both regularly forget our anniversary?  It is not that we do not want to celebrate, or that we do not treasure tradition; we are just not really focused.  Now should we celebrate again, tomorrow?  And who wants to turn 40 twice??

So, with all the celebrating, I did not have time to take pictures of the puerperium that I finished, but I still want to share the dress Melva knit for her bunny, on #2 needles.  She blocked it and seamed it, too.  To think that 11 years ago, she was just born.  I love watching them grow!

For reading, apart from the children's literature that I am devouring via the iPod, we started a summer Bible study on the Beatitudes today, with John Stott's study guide.  Does anyone else find the passage daunting?  It should be so simple, I know.  I hope to learn a lot with dear friends from a previous congregation.  I think I will try to be quiet, just listen, for a change...

Happy yarn along, dear yarn along friends!


  1. oops, haha, happy birthday jacques! i would not mind turning 40 again :)
    your girl knit that? incredible, what a lovely job she did.

  2. I really had to laugh out loud, it's SOOO funny! I often confuse days and know how weird it feels when you find out the right day, but a birthday, haha, that is special! There are a lot of reasons to celebrate :-) Yeah, and Happy Birthday Jacques!
    Are you serious, your 11 year old daughter knit that tiny dress? That is WOW!!! You must be so proud of her!
    I want to check out the bible passage (you mean the one in Matthew, right?) you mentioned, haven't done any of that in the long time, but today I feel inspired to do so. Thank you!

    1. Yes, Matthew 5. I think Sting messed it up for me with the lyrics of "All this Time" - the song is so beautiful (he wrote it when his father died), yet I wanted to tell him that he did not understand quite right, but of course, I could not. And I loved his music (still do, but we do not agree on many things, unfortunately.)

    2. Just listend to the song on You Tube. I never payed much attention to the lyrics of that song. You are so right!. But I LOVE Sting and almost every of his songs. I guess I couldn't listen to a lot of music if I always had to agree with all of the artists opinions so I just enjoy what we can share and try to take the rest as a challenge.

  3. Happy birthday! Lovely fuzzy yarn you are blocking out. My grandmother celebrated her birthday on the wrong date all of her life. She was amazed when she received her birth certificate :)