Monday, June 25, 2012

A pop-over halter dress

This dress did not turn out as bad as I thought it did.  When I finished it, the first time, it was far too wide - the dress was gaping at the back.  I undid one seam, removed 3 inches from the back panel (that was just a  rectangle), and also took 4 inches off the elastic, and now I think that it could work.  I was hoping that it could be a dress, but I have to admit - this won't work as a "real" dress.  It will be a dress for the beach.


If I make the pattern again, I will choose a softer fabric with more drape - my friend Leslie from The Seasoned Homemaker suggested cotton lawn.  I will also make it one size smaller (maybe even two), to see if I could get the neckline to a level where she would feel more comfortable. I think the white is perfect.

Pattern from: "Girl's World:  Twenty-One Sewing Projects to Make for Little Girls"

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