Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bull Creek

This week we started with what I hope will be a series of day trips.  We have never been fond of leaving the house on a whim, it is very hard work if you have small children and if you,well, do not have everything in place the way you maybe should have.  And we like being home, eating late breakfasts on Saturdays, maybe getting something done by late afternoon in the shape of a lawn mowed or a tree trimmed.

But with summer upon us, we have 100 Saturdays stretching before us, with no family obligations. So I thought we should perhaps leave the house now and again, before we all go stir crazy.

We have a book with a list of hikes in and around Austin.  We have lived through three summers here, and two of them were brutally hot and dry.  During the third one we were eaten alive by mosquito and chiggers. I have almost lost all interest in trying to find something to do outside from May through September. It has all been so hot, dry and bright that we could not enjoy it, not even with the best attitude.  I have started to distrust anyone who told me that it can be different, that you just have to get out at the right time, and go to the right places. 

 I know, it looks like torture, doesn't it?

I'm not going to lie, it was still very hot! 

But I remembered to pack something to eat, and we had a lot of water in our backpacks, and if we had our suits, we would even have been able to swim.  Finally, we had a successful outing.  This trail is right in the middle of Austin.  We have driven past it before, not knowing that it was there.

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