Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trans Atlantic Beanie (Large - fits most boys)

I cast on after leaving Washington, and I cast off two hours before we reached Johannesburg.  The yarn is alpaca. I have never knit with alpaca before, and I love it.  I am using this beanie to measure the heads of future recipients of hats - most men will need about one inch more before the decrease, and I may cast on a few more stitches, but they all at least say they love it.  Soft, and light, and neutral.

The pictures were taken this afternoon in the front yard of the house that I lived in as a child.  I think I have mastered the internet connection now, it is a bit dodgy and spotty, and you have to compress pictures or your provider just throws his toys out of the cot and refuses to play.  It is better if you have an ADSL connection, but where my brother lives (he bought the house from my mom), 3G is all that is available.  It took me 10 minutes just to get onto my blog.  Jacques mentioned that the internet in the US is like the weather in South Africa.  You do not think about it, because it is almost perfect.  I will try to put up some more tomorrow.

I forgot how much South Africa looks like Africa.  Growing up in South Africa, you think it is not really Africa. But it is. (I am humming "I am I said" by Neil Diamond... ) It is good to be home.  I am hugging my loved ones, and the air is so clear and fresh and perfect, I feel almost guilty.

If I manage to actually post this tonight, I will link up with Ginny.  More soon!

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  1. So sweet to hear from you from down there (or up there? ;-) ) Glad you are feeling so fine and home!
    I really like the "across-the-ocean-hat", as you said: plain, easy and soft (oh, how I love alpaka!) just how they like it...
    Take care and have a wonderful christmas time,