Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How about another one?

I am knitting, among other things, another Henley with striped sleeves, similar to the one I knit for Jean earlier this year.  I knit Charlie a sweater when he was one, and now that he is two, he needs another one.  I love this pattern.  The stripe pattern is not exactly the same as the previous sweater, and I think I am going to stripe only one sleeve, since it is fourteen days before we leave and I have some other knitting to do, too.  (One child will not be allowed any luggage; his suitcase will contain yarn and needles.)

I am now also sewing little things, like this little pouch.  It is surprisingly stylish, and also surprisingly small.  When I started out I thought it would be big enough for a ball of yarn, but, alas, I think I could fit a couple of stitch markers in there.  The idea was from  Last Minute Fabric Gifts.

This bag is less stylish, but very useful.  I wish I could claim the idea, but I saw something similar in Crochet Today!

A little heap of blue fluff, so soft and sweet.  It is one of the Woolly Wormhead Designs, a hat for a newborn.

Was his head ever that small?

The weather is beautiful, with blue skies and cool temperatures most days of the week.  We are slowly getting everything in place; I even got my new camera today.  (And a laptop.  So that I can show you South Africa and Namibia, soon!)

The camera is a Canon T3i, with a 18 - 135mm lens.  I had a Canon EOS 350D before, so it is very similar, but I love that it can take better pictures in lower light, and I love the ability to get a little bit closer than I could with my 18 - 55mm lens.  I still have to study it a little more, but all the pictures in this post came straight from the camera and I am happy with them. (Usually I color correct the images.  Jacques did the new header.)  I shot in manual mode, but I think the camera adjusts exposure automatically even in manual mode.  Those who care about this probably know more than I, so I shall stop rambling now, I just wanted to talk about my new camera for a bit.

As it is still Wednesday, I join Ginny for yarn along, and I can even contribute to the book reading part this week.  I have listened to Hertzog while sewing. Moses Herzog is such a likable, tragic, flawed man.  I suspect the book will not have a comforting resolution, but I love it anyway.


  1. the blue bag, what an awesome idea! I must make one of those for myself, it would be a life saver!

    1. Isn't it clever? The idea is so obvious, but I never thought of simply adding an eyelet to the project bag.

  2. the blue yarn bag is awesome! what a great idea. and that wee baby hat, oh my, so sweet. :)

  3. I would have never thought of making a "yarn" bag like that. What a simple yet very smart idea!

  4. Oh my, no have almost missed it. Are you in South Africa already? How very, very exhiting for you and your family to go back there on a trip. I acnt wait to hear more! And your knittings are lovely. I am wondering about the same size wonder, when I am knitting newborn things theses days, how did they ever fit Aaron?
    Wishing you the best of times!