Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Luminous Days

We sold our house in May 2010. 

Everyone knew how attached we were to "our house"  We bought the land, about two acres, when Melva was 2, with our best friends in the world that we met about a week before (no kidding).  We built our house first, and moved in on 14 December 2004.  They built and moved in about 6 months later.    Jean had his first birthday there, as did the twins.

On 2 December 2008 we moved.

They moved away too, this weekend.

We shared so many meals there, we planted more than 300 trees.  The trees will grow, the houses will stand for a while longer.  But now we have moved on.

Leuchtende Tage. Nicht weinen, dass sie vorüber. Lächeln, dass sie gewesen. That is the way my friend said it, but it is a quote from Confucius, I guess he said it in Mandarin? It means something like: Luminous days. Do not cry that they passed. Smile that they were.

I try.  I know, nobody forced us to move, right?

When dreams are lost, what do we do?  We build new dreams.

This house stands on 2 acres, it is 10 minutes away, and it is on the market.  We might be able to afford it, yet our lease only expires in 8 months. Decisions decisions....

Just look at those beautiful cedar elms. (I like the way they describe the heat tolerance as "very high high".  Very high wouldn't do. But I might have said very, very high.)

With it comes the right to build a second house on the same lot.  Just sayin.

Now let me go get some tissues.

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  1. Sien, ek lees nou eers hierdie goed en het ook tissues nodig. Flip.