Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Now, for something fun!

I am still reading Hertzog, but thankfully, this nightmare is over:

The last time I posted about this sweater, I was wary of the pattern because I knew it had mistakes.  None other than the designer himself commented, and directed me to a forum post on ravelry.  I also noted the errata.

I did everything by the book: I swatched, and blocked before I seamed.  Yet I found, like everyone else who complained, that the saddle was too long.  The fact that the designer insisted that the dimensions were correct interfered with my instincts.  I wrote to him. (three times...)  He was kind, but really, not helpful.

I will not go into details here, it is too complicated, but trust me: the errata for this pattern is wrong. If you ever knit this, ignore the schematic (the saddle should be about 2 inches shorter), and when you shape the saddle, decrease every row.  Or else you will
 *seam, message the designer, rip seam, frog, reknit, repeat 3 times from *  before you are done.

 I like the way it turned out.  The recipient is at work, and I only finished the neckband this morning (it still has to be blocked), so I am wearing it.  (It is 90 degrees outside.)

Melva finished the second sock among other things, but I am very happy to report that she finished a pair.

Melva is knitting Ginny's Sunday sweater (we will adapt it to fit her), and I am looking forward to knitting something smaller next, a sweater for Christian.

Joining Ginny over at her yarn along.


  1. Gorgeous sweater!!! Love the neutral color and I admire the modeling in intense heat :)

    1. Thanks! My husband chose the colors - next time it will probably be gray and charcoal :)

  2. What a fantastic sweater! Knitting for boys can be so tricky, but this is just perfect! This week I'm sharing a Sunday Sweater test knit. :)

  3. Fantastic socks! love everything about them.
    Sweater sounded like it was hard work, but it turned out just fine.

  4. well done you for persevering, it's a beautiful sweater. and you are so cute. i love your hair, i'm tempted to chop mine off. i'm so amazed at your girl, she's an incredible talent, her socks are amazing.

    p.s. i wrote you back on my blog, you may have that only slightly damaged book if you like ;)
    it was an innocent bystander when i was about to throw that silky mess away (but couldn't, it was for the shop! agg).