Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update: 52 projects, and The Weather

I am still making things.  I have lost count, I think I may finish 52 objects this year, and I am failing at taking a picture every week and posting about it, but at least I am still making things.

The nesting baskets were inspired by this post over at "Rhythm of the Home".

Upside down

They are very pretty, made out of left over pieces of fabric that I cut into 1 inch wide strips with a rotary cutter.

I also needed a place to store the millions of cheap-ish double pointed needles that I have bought on Amazon.  They do the job well enough, and I do not feel so desperate when I lose one of them.  But I do not plan to lose any more, hence the neat case to store them in:

I made this pattern up, it was really easy once I sat down and fiddled with the actual needles and fabric.  That is fortunate, since I will need a couple more cases before all the needles are organized...

And since I am writing, I might add that the weather in Central Texas has definitely turned.  This summer wasn't that bad, but when I went outside yesterday and suddenly felt as if I could breathe the air, I remembered how much I actually dislike this climate.  I guess it is a good sign if you start to notice something only in its absence?

When it was over 95 (35) degrees, I did what I had to and really felt as if it was not that bad.  But the moment it dropped below 88 (31) degrees, I felt at home.  It is going to be a good three months.


  1. Those baskets are fabulous. And, what a great use for fabric scraps. I've got to learn to crochet....

  2. I love the baskets...so cute! I will definitely have to try these. Also, what a great idea for your double points, I have always wanted something like this for them. Right now they are all sitting in a coffee cup...not very happy!