Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All downhill, so far

 I am so glad to say that the Park Street Cardi is a dream to knit.  The yarn is lovely, the instructions are clear and it will be flying off my needles - I have almost finished the pockets, not hard at all! (I will be on the lookout for closeout sales on bulky yarn, I'd like one for me, too.  We are saving for a deposit on a house, so I have to mend my spendthrift ways.)

To offset my spending on yarn, I am making my own project bags.  I saw bags far less fancy than this one for $12 at the local yarn store.  I bought the fabric at a discount for $1.20, and I could make two, so one really only costs me 60 cents, which means I now have $22.80 to spend on yarn. What a bargain.

 Melva's Pi Shawl / blanket is steadily growing.  (If there is no lace, it is a blanket.  A round blanket. Or a tablecloth, actually. Melva insists that the eyelets count for lace and that it is therefore a shawl.  But it is just a blanket. Really.  Unless she adds a lace edge, that might redeem it, of course.  Can you guess it drives her crazy when I call it a blanket?)

She took the shawl with her to a math competition in San Antonio this weekend, and enjoyed all the comments by security guards discovering the huge ball of yarn in her bag.  (I think it was the highlight of her trip, to be honest!)

I know I should be reading a bit faster to qualify as a reader, honestly, if I knit as slowly as I read I would have been stalking Ginny's yarn along, not joining in.  Yet, I am making progress in Herzog, wondering all the while if other people are really that complicated.  And since I know, from knowing the people that I know, that they are, I am a bit uneasy thinking about everything that must be going on under the calm surface of everyday life...

We also listened to Tom Sawyer, the audiobook version, and it was delightful.  I love hearing about boys living in a different time, they make my bunch seem very tame.  I have been told that I raise feral children, but by comparison I am overprotective.
We are savoring the autumn days.  I cannot believe that we are actually fossil hunting - the banks of Shoal Creek consists of Cretaceous Era mud, and we found several prehistoric seashells, some perfectly preserved in the prehistoric mud. (If you look closely, you can see their knit pockets, very handy for collecting fossils.)

 Christian slid down that bank and ended in the shallow creek, very dirty and sore.  The late afternoon sun was a perfect towel and blanket.

 A bit later we discovered this hill.  Glorious late afternoons in central Austin, with sweet friends to celebrate with us. Nothing in particular, and everything, in general.

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  1. I like the way you rationalize yarn purchases!! Yep---great deal on the projects bags---and very practical and pretty!!!

    nothing more fun for kids than a big hill.....unless it's a big pile of dirt!! loved the pics!