Tuesday, May 15, 2012

working in colour

The boys have been waiting patiently for their pockets, while I went off and finished the one button cardigan, knit the puerperium, and a rabbit.
Then I decided to use the pockets to practice techniques:  stripes, (twisting the yarns on the inside in a very pretty twirl), and a slip stitch pattern.  It was much easier than I expected, and the boys love their designs.

To Jean they all look the same.  I thought that the blue would be darker than the grey to him, but no - he cannot see which one is his. That is really no problem, the little ones quickly tell him if he has one of theirs, but I found it fascinating that he could not distinguish between these two colours.  After 8 years he still surprises me with what he can and cannot do.

I have found that I like photos slightly desaturated.

I have not read much, with all the knitting, but Jacques has been reading GK Chesterton at me at night after the children went to their rooms.  (Yes, I meant to say "at").  We worked our way through the best parts of Orthodoxy and Heresy.   I downloaded "The Wisdom of Father Brown" onto my Kindle, but have really only read the first couple of pages.  I like Chesterton, although he did not agree with my theology. (I think it would be fair to say that he was a staunch Roman Catholic that disagreed with Calvinist ideas?)  I, however,  agree with him on most things, although I would often simply replace his "the Church" with "the Bible". I would not tell him that, though, he would mop the floor with me when it comes to discussing serious matters.

I am linking to Ginny's yarn along again, and looking forward to all the inspiration from around the world!


  1. Those pockets are cute! They're a great place to practice new techniques. Thank you for the lesson on Achromatopsia (not a short, easy word). The human body is so interesting.

  2. I love your pockets! Great work!

  3. My children would *love* me to make something like that. Thanks for the inspiration. :) I'll add them to my ever-growing and unmanageable list!

    1. You are welcome - I am just channeling inspiration from Lori (lori times five) :).