Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

It happened again!  If I find time to take, download and get the photos in place, I do not find time to write about them.  That is if we manage to "do things" apart from just keeping the fort at home.
But this is what we did on Sunday:  After church, we headed out to Camp Mabry for a WW II reenactment.  This is the third time we went in four years; the boys love it.

Everyone has to wear earplugs.

They wear the real uniforms and they explain about the guns (how far they could shoot, how many shots per minute etc). Then they demonstrate shooting with them.

They compare German and American weapons.

And then they reenact the whole battle scene, shooting blanks, of course.

Afterwards, you can go onto the field, collect casings and touch the tanks.  Jean knows a lot about Sherman tanks.  Martinus got lost for a moment, and the officer had to announce that there was a little boy whose parents are lost. It was okay, I was only a few yards away at that point. 


By the end of the presentation, we were very hungry and approaching very hot (92 degrees on Sunday, hot enough to be uncomfortable, not hot enough to kill the chiggers yet).

We stumbled onto this exhibition the first year we were here, and I think the last time we went we missed the actual reenactment and only saw the displays, but we are planning to do this again, especially as the boys get older.  The older children play a game on the box that I have mixed feelings about, called Battlestations:  Midway.  (The little ones watch.) They love building airplanes, and talk about pieces of furniture as "carriers" rather than, say, beds.  We also live near the greatest museum if you are interest in these things, The Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg.  So, all in all, I think we should take this topic and become experts!

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