Saturday, May 26, 2012

If you put a notebook in a make-up bag, is it still a make-up bag?

One of my friend's children recently celebrated her birthday, and nowadays I want to give the little ones something handmade - poor kids.  I guess at some point they will realize that it was well-meant gift, but even I can see that an 8 year old might not be thrilled with this.

Her mother said she liked writing, and by the time I was 90% done I knew that this is probably not exactly what she meant.  It is something I would love, now, mind you.  But I am going to give it to her, since at least the notebook and the eraser are appropriate, and maybe we can all laugh about it when they are big and we are really old. 

I loved this project, even though I am possibly the youngest person ever to knit it. (Seriously, I looked through the projects on I will knit it again - it will make a great gift for anyone, say, over 30?  So if you do not need a make up bag for Christmas, give me a heads-up or start thinking of wonderful uses for a little knit bag apart from keeping make-up in it.  (I can tell you that keeping a notebook in it is a hard sell.)

Even if it fits.

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