Thursday, March 22, 2012

like "let's knit something!"

The one button cardigan is just the way I wanted it.  Just look at her - I cannot believe that I did not want any pink gifts when I was expecting. Of course my friends gave me only pink clothes for my daughter, and ever since she has not wanted to wear anything but pink.  This simple pattern leaves a blank canvas for embellishments... I am anxious to finish it, but also slightly distracted.

See, I want to finish this blanket.  We are all crocheting squares, and I hope to finish it before the grandmothers leave in about 3 weeks.  I should add, my mother-in-law will join us in crocheting as soon as she finishes the mittens she is knitting.  She says she cannot crochet, but I do not believe her :) 

She whipped up this mitten in one afternoon.

My mother discovered cowls.  She finished this one in the time my mother-in-law finished the mitten, and is now moving on to her next one, in signal red. (She is cleaning up the leftover yarn from the stripey sweater.)

And on top of that, I know of four little babies that will join us soon, and they all need something hand knit.
This picture appears as if it was photoshopped and something went wrong - I promise, I did nothing.  Neither the yarn nor the grass is that bright, it just appears to be. I will probably be able to show you the finished product next week, since babies are so ridiculously small.  By then I'll have done something to tone it down, I promise, don't worry.  I know all about overstimulated babies, I've been an Occupational Therapist ages ago, I'll handle this.  (If you suspect you are the recipient of this, and you hate it, just e-mail me.  Keep in mind that I will simply say: "No, of course this is not for you. I knew you would hate this.")

Reading?  Not this week.   Just knitting and drinking way to much coffee and catching up on three years' worth of visiting.  And of course, joining Ginny's yarn along.


  1. Wow Emma what beautiful work! How lovely to be able to knit/crochet with your mother and M.I.L. Does your daughter like to knit also? Her white cardigan is going to be lovely. I love the colours you have chosen for your crochet blanket, are you going to sew or crochet all the squares together? Enjoy the rest of the granmothers vist.

  2. Oh yes, she knits and crochets, her squares are the neatest and prettiest of all. I have no idea how I will join those squares yet, but she will probably find an online tutorial and explain it to me :) The blanket will be hers, my M.I.L. picked the colors. Such a privilege to sit and work with them!

  3. hee hee emma, you are so cute. how could anyone hate that? all this makes me laugh and cry a little. i'm picturing you with your mom and mil, the three of you knitting and crocheting together, it's wonderful. i just lost my mom 6 months ago, missing her so. enjoy your time, knitting and catching up. and your daughter looks so pretty in her new sweater!

    1. I'm sorry Lori, there is such an incredibly empty space when someone leaves. I am grateful for this chance to just sit and enjoy and listen, I did not do very much of that when I was younger, but I was given a chance to catch up. My mil is fighting breast cancer, she was pretty much out of action last year and we felt very helpless so far away. She has recovered from the treatment and the cancer is in remission, but you can imagine how we treasure these days.

  4. Haha I love all the family knitting, how very sweet. I do adore some companionable knitting. Always sad that by the time I learned to knit, my dear MIL wasn't able to hold her needles any more. There is something so special about these skills being handed down. Especially where there is knitting for babies in the offing! :)

  5. Your knits are just beautiful... oh yes, and your crochet. obviously the talent runs in the family!

    Blessings, Debbie