Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yarn Along: Kid's Color Block Cardigan

I am in bed with something that could be flu, but I don't want to miss Ginny's yarn along again.  I have been knitting quite a bit, but I am just sharing my Kid's Color Block Cardigan today.

I used Billow, KnitPick's new thick and thin, bulky weight cotton yarn.  I love it, it is soft and the colors are beautiful. (I also entered a photo contest on ravelry with this project and another baby blanket that I crocheted)  I am surprised that the boys love this so much. They are taking turns wearing it, but officially it is Christian's sweater.  When Martinus tried it on the first time, he loved it so much he asked me if he could sleep in it, as it was soooo soft.
When I am not sleeping, or trying to sleep off this horrid flu like cold, I am reading a children's history book by Genevieve Foster.  I am sure all of the homeschoolers know about her, but she is new to me, and I love reading the history the way she writes it.  They call it horizontal history, or something like that, meaning that each book spans only a short period of time, but tells about what happened around the world. At the moment I am reading The World of Columbus and Sons.  I am sure we did this when I was a child, but I seem to have forgotten most.

And now I have to lie down again.  I am sure I will get around to most of the wonderful people that link up, but maybe a bit later this week. Happy yarn along!


  1. such a fun sweater. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. so cute! i made that same sweater for a friends little girl in germany. feel better soon!

  3. Love the sweater, your models are very cute. But I want that sweater in big person size.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. It's lovely. So cute the way the two sides don't line up, and the stripes - I do like stripes.
    wonderful pictures, hope you win the contest and 'get well soon'.