Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Big cat, meet little cat

We can still see you, silly cat

Last year a stray had kittens in our friends' garage, about two months before we left for South Africa.  I told the children that we could not take one, because we were going to be away for 8 weeks, but if it were not for our trip, we definitely could have taken one.

About 3 weeks after we returned, another cat carried her litter into that same friend's backyard! There must be something about that yard. The kittens were already about 4 weeks old, and this time, we picked one, and when she was about 8 weeks old we brought her home.  She is a spitfire.  Her name is Daisy.  She has been with us for about 10 days now, but today was the first time I had a chance to go out when the light was good, to take some pictures of her.

Until now we have kept her separate  in Melva's room, and I have been giving Patrys a lot of attention.  He has been sour, and limited interaction to hissing at the kitten and asking for his milk to be warmed a little. Please. Before he slunk out again.  He is starting to warm to us again, and occupied his spot on my bed today for the first time since the kitten came.

The photo session was very funny - he never really pounced, but he kept on stalking her.  Melva stayed close to Daisy to lift her to safety, but in the end it wasn't necessary.  Let's hope they become friends in future, or at least, that they each learn to tolerate the other's existence.  I am just glad we took her in.  She is so pretty.  He'll come around.


  1. I'm sure they will become friends soon; kitten will charm cat.

  2. Oh my, that is such a cute kitten. And I love her colors, like she just wanted them all :-) I am sure the two of them are going to be fine, who could resist that charm?
    I am so sad I can't keep cats myself anymore since I have developed an allergie over the years, even though I grew up with cats. How stupid is that :-(
    Lot of love to you and your family and a happy, blessed Sunday!