Monday, April 23, 2012

the thread that binds us

I finished some pockets to send on to Lori, who is heading to Namibia soon.  She will take them along as small gifts when she visits a Himba village.

The local children keep asking if this one is theirs. I am sure these little gifts will be welcomed and appreciated!

I am so glad that she gets to go; I want to show everyone here the beauty of that little-known nook.

When friends come back with insights and stories that I never heard or saw, just always living there, I cannot help but wonder if others see the goodness of this country the way I do. If they realize how they are as strange and amazing...

It is all a tapestry of light and darkness.

My heart will be traveling with Lori, and she will bring back amazing stories and pictures to share.

(Christian is much better.  He does not talk about his finger.  Martinus, however,  used him as a handy conversation starter at church: "Can I tell you what my big brother did?")

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  1. emma,
    i'm glad your boy is better, that was a scare.

    your pockets are beautiful, i can see why the children would want them. thank you SO much. i am really so happy you wanted to contribute.

    i am so looking forward to visiting your country. i have wanted to go to namibia for as long as i can remember. maybe it was first reading about the san bushmen many years ago. i don't remember. my husband has been going to africa since the early 80's, and has been to many many countries (i've lost count). and out of everyplace he's been, namibia remains his favorite. he's so excited to bring me, and i know i will love it too. since my first trip to your continent 12 years ago (i've since returned 3 times, this will be my fourth). i can't get it out of my mind and heart.

    i don't know if your interested, but i thought you might like to have our itinerary, so you can more easily follow along. if you email me i'll send it to you.

    thank you again so very much,
    xxxxxxxxxxx lori