Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making memories

In 2004 when my daughter turned three, she received a poster of Winnie the Pooh, mounted on hardboard.  Our best friends and neighbors at the time mounted it themselves using a method that involved a bathtub and a specific combination of glue and water.  We treasure that gift and it is still on the nursery wall, although she has moved out of the nursery and is now ten years old.

Ever since she received that gift I wanted to do something similar, but on a grander scale, such as mounting a whole picture storybook on hardboard and putting the entire book up on the bedroom wallsThat, when you stop to think about it, is a very big project.  (I still plan on doing it, even though I might have to have another baby to justify a picture book on the wall). In the mean time, three boys and seven years later, I have not managed to even start on it.

That is, until recently.  In search of the method, I stumbled upon this tutorial.
So, instead of making big posters to mount on a wall, I bought three Beatrix Potter books at a thrift store and made a memory game.  

My memory game makes me very happy.  I love the connection it creates between my family and my past, remembering the nights we played around the table with my parents and siblings, so many years ago, so far away.  And while very little that I do during the run of an ordinary day stays done, this game will stay.   

Besides, it is very pretty, don't you think?

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