Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Done. Well, almost done.

Today we (I) finally finished most of the paperwork for our GREEN CARD application.  I  feel almost guilty, it has only been 2 years and 8 months since we arrived here.  It was not easy, and we are not completely done yet - we finished the medical examinations that involved several (14 in total!) vaccinations, and printed and signed most of the forms.  It will still cost us a lot of money just in application fees, but still, I feel all this was a small price to pay.  

Even despite the fact that I do not really believe in vaccinations... The boys were very sweet today- they sat there, scared to death in their little gowns waiting for the nurse to come with the vaccinations, when Jean made me take a "mental picture".  They posed for several of those, I wish I could post one here.  

Melva does not need any vaccinations this year, to her dismay.

Now we still have to send all the forms to the attorneys, along with the checks and the supporting documents (has anyone seen my husband's birth certificate??), and who knows, we might soon have the right to permanently reside in the United States of America. Can you say fixed meelings?

No, actually, it is all good.  Much as I some days wish they would deport me, just because I am so homesick, having a green card would be a tremendous blessing and make life a lot easier. Period.

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