Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If I knit something...

... and I do not share it on the blog, did I really knit it?
I still have to block the vest
I knit another Kid's Vest from the book More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, one of my favorite books.  It is the fourth one of these that I have knit, and I will have to knit two more soon, one for every boy.  Last time I worked their initials on the front of the vest in duplicate stitch, this time I think I will do something different.  Maybe Christian "!" and Martinus "?", or maybe "X" and "Y" (since they are twin boys), or maybe some emoticon, eg. Christian ":" and Martinus ")" Maybe Jean wants something on his vest this time, and then I have even more options to consider... The yarn is a denim blue color, I want to do the duplicate stitch in orange.  Or maybe beige, depending on how brave I feel.  Luckily they can wear them even if I haven't done the duplicate stitch. 

"The Paris Wife" is based on the lives of  Ernest Hemingway and his first wife, Hadley Richardson. I bought it on impulse at Target, because I liked the picture on the cover. Then I read something about "being one's own woman in the 1920s..."on the front cover, and almost didn't read it.  (I'm not much of a feminist. At all.)
Yet, the book surprised me and I could not put it down.  It was a bonus that I knew very little about them and therefore did not know how it was going to end. I can only recommend it.

Joining again with Ginny for her Yarn Along.

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