Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I did on my 37th birthday

One of the little ones was sick - at first I though he just wanted to snuggle on the couch and read a book, but then his eyelids grew heavy and his cheeks and lips became just too rosy...A very restless night involving a lot of laundry followed.

So this morning I gave the bigger ones instructions, and tried to sit with him as much as possible.  We watched Wall E.  (I love the part where they splash the robot next to the pool!) The other one slowed down, now and again, to offer him moral support. Luckily he is not sick... I know, not yet. But although they do everything together, they do not always fall ill at the same time.

I went to the dentist.  That wasn't very pleasant.

I talked to my sister for an hour. Her cat is having kittens!

And: I got a new iPhone from my dear husband. I do not keep up with them, but he says mine is better than his, I can see that he really wants one like mine. Happy day, I can now browse ravelry patterns all day long! I can also find myself once I get lost, which happens more often than you would think.

We had dinner as a family.  I guess that is about that. Just the way I like it.

I have been disorganized and have not blogged as much as I hoped to.  Today I want to join yarn along with Ginny, although I have not been knitting very inspiring things.  I have been experimenting with my yarn, I am so happy to be back with my stash.  I knit the beginning of a Pi shawl, and frogged it because I did not have enough yarn.  But I loved the feeling of knitting a Pi shawl.  And with the same yarn, I crocheted half a baby jacket.  Turns out you cannot finish much with 50g of Debbie Bliss cashmerino, but I know now that the yarn would work should I ever have enough on hand.  I am actually knitting Das Tuchle with baby alpaca yarn, and it feels lovely, but it isn't  pretty. I might add a crochet border to make up for the monotony.  (I love the instructions:  Now you repeat this row as long as you want or if you have only not much yarn left.) I may make more shawls like this one, I have some beautiful Koigu and Madelinetosh Sock Yarn in my stash... I may also just frog it and start something new - honestly, if I carry on like this I may never spend money on yarn again. Hopefully not, the alpaca feels wonderful and I discovered that I like wearing shawls.

The book I am reading, on the other hand, is very inspiring.  Jesus of Nasareth by Joseph Ratzinger, or, Pope Benedict XVI.  It is dense and rich, I am both reading it and listening to it, and most passages I listen to more than once. Even though I worship in a protestant denomination, reading this convinces me that the schism isn't that deep.  This book is beautifully written, and I will be studying it throughout Lent.

And now I will go to bed before the boy starts to wake up again.  Hopefully the worst is behind us.
Happy yarn along, y'all!


  1. i hope your boy is better soon, poor lamb. and happy birthday you! you are a baby, goodness. my kids have been through every generation of iphone, i still don't have one. maybe this will be the year, i wouldn't mind looking at ravelry all day!
    i love that you are making yourself a shawl :)

  2. oh no, a sick kiddlet on your birthday. poopoo! happy birthday. :) that shawl you are working on looks like it is going to be a good one. <3

  3. Except for a sick baby (I hope he's better), it sounds like a lovely day.